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November 2015

Wordings for Introductory messages to local schools - some examples from Hub coordinators:

Please forward to the teacher responsible for foreign language teaching in your school

Bristol Primary Languages Hub
Thursday 12th February from 12.30 to 4.00
at Colston’s Girls’ School, Cheltenham Road, Bristol

Dear primary languages teachers

You are invited to attend a free training event in Bristol where you will be able to
  • hear a round-up of free resources and teaching ideas from around the country
  • watch some practical demonstrations of teaching strategies from experienced practitioners
  • meet other primary languages teachers to share ideas
  • learn about the work of the Association for Language Learning and how it can support you
This will be the first meeting of the Bristol Primary Languages Hub which will offer you regular updates, support and opportunities to meet fellow primary languages teachers to share ideas.
We are privileged to have as our guest speaker Steven Fawkes, who is a fellow of the Association for Language Learning, a former policy advisor in education development at the BBC and an experienced languages teacher.
There will be an opportunity to meet with teachers from your local secondary schools to talk about managing transition; how to share details of the language knowledge your pupils have gained and how you can work together to prepare pupils for the move to secondary language learning.
If you would like to attend the Bristol Primary Languages Hub please follow the link to enter your details ASAP as we there are still spaces available for this event.

We would like to help establish a network of communication between language teaching professionals in Bristol so even if you are not able to attend the event please follow the link below to share your details and receive details of other members of the Bristol Languages Group.
Your details will not be shared with any parties other than members of the Bristol Languages Group

Here's a copy of the initial email that I sent to all Sunderland schools, primary and secondary. I've also attached a copy of the flyer that I sent.
Dear colleagues,
I am writing to invite you and your colleagues to the first meeting of the Sunderland ALL Primary Hub, which will take place on Wednesday 9th July, 4pm-5pm, at St Paul's CE Primary School. There is more information on the attached invitation.
The Association for Language Learning (ALL) has set up a national network of Primary Hubs to support teachers and schools as they introduce statutory languages in KS2, when all children will have to make "substantial progress in one language" over the four years. I am a member of the ALL Primary Languages steering group, and as such will lead the Hub, which is to be hosted by St Paul's CE Primary School, where I teach Spanish.
If you would like more information about the Association for Language Learning, please go to . I have also written recently about the new Programme of Study and the time allocation for Languages in the KS2 timetable on my blog, which you will find at Of particular interest will be Ofsted's comments about what they will be looking for.
I look forward to welcoming you next week, and would be grateful if you could send confirmation of your attendance to this email address or phone St Paul's on 553 6281 by the end of Monday 7th July. Secondary colleagues with an interest in KS2 Languages are, of course, welcome to attend.
Best regards,
Clare Seccombe
Modern Languages Teacher and Consultant

Clare Seccombe
Languages Teacher and Consultant

Blog -
Twitter - @valleseco
Website -
Website for language teachers -

FREE local support for ANY staff involved in the delivery of primary languages!! J
Primary Languages Hub
Thursday 5th February
Ryton Community Junior School, NE40 3AF

Dear head teachers and foreign languages teachers,
Jan Porter (executive head teacher at The Ryton Federation of Community Schools) and I, Nathalie Paris (primary languages teacher), would like to invite you to a FREE networking meeting to discuss primary languages in the area. Everyone is welcome to attend with a view to share what is working well (and to mention in passing what maybe isn’t!) in our local schools. We aim to meet once a term and create a sharing community through which we can support each other in our teaching of languages at KS2 – maybe even KS1! We can offer free training too as we will look at the planned set up of a Primary Hub through the Association for Language Learning.
We hope you will want to join us. If so, please let us know… so we can provide enough refreshments for everyone! ;-)
Please pass this information on – we may have forgotten someone you think could benefit from this opportunity!
We look forward to hearing from you all and to getting started. In the meantime, please feel free to email any questions you may have.
Au revoir!

May 2015

Network activity ideas from Janet Lloyd:

Presentations from Language World 2015 ; also here

Resources for ALL Connect

Nottingham, Oct 2014

we meet once a term, this is its second year and it is normally attended by between 25 - 50 teachers (with about 100 on 'the books' dipping in and out when they can attend). Most teachers come from Nottingham City and County, but we also have all other LAs from EMattending and all are welcome!

Funding refreshments, etc.

We were fortunate in gaining support for refreshments via the uni faculty for this first meeting of the year...we don't want to charge for attendance, but neither can we expect teachers to turn up for a twilight meeting with no refreshments either.

For my next meeting I will only send emails to cut the cost.

Ppt slide: 'Contribution to costs would be most welcome.' ?

Could there be an 'amusing' slide/comment on the Roadshow Ppt to highlight that there is no funding for refreshments and ask teachers for a small contribution.

Photocopying costs have, for the time-being, kindly been borne by my school.

My school has agreed to 'sponsor' the hub so provides refreshments, a room, photocopying & postage costs as necessary.

We use a University and a Teaching School Alliance to fund things such as refreshments

As we are a Language College, I was lucky to be able to fund refreshments using our LC budget

At the first meeting in July my school provided refreshments. I haven't spoken to my HT about this long term but it
sounds like something I should bring up.

I laid on really nice biscuits, tea and coffee but provided it all myself (funded personally). I put out a little bowl with a small card saying 'voluntary donations for tea and coffee' but actually said nothing about it this time. I also received £1 from one delegate who, as she was leaving, asked me if I had paid for the refreshments myself and immediately placed the donation in the bowl.

Hub coordinator has spent her own money on refreshments, which we probably need to think about.

I have contacted the local Rotary Club to see if they are interested in providing some funds for refreshments and photocopying for the Thames Valley hub. I will let you know how I get on.

I wonder if sponsorship is a way forward?


I just wanted to share a lovely email I got after the West Lancs hub last Wednesday! My blog post about the meeting is here:

Erzsi Culshaw

Dear Erzsi

I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting the Spanish hub last Wednesday.

I found the meeting incredibly useful in terms of finding out about programmes of study, lesson ideas, free resources, ideas for rewards and assessments etc etc.

The meeting also opened my eyes to a whole new world of online resources.

I came out of the meeting feeling inspired and I went back to Asmall Primary School with so many ideas.

I also intend to get tweeting as you suggest. Tweeting is something new to me and I am not sure how many ideas I have got to offer at the moment, but as you say it can also be used as a way of getting ideas.

I have also been looking at your blog - so many inspiring ideas.

It is so helpful to have someone attempting to co-ordinate all this. You are providing a fantastic and useful service.

Many thanks



The notes from my Primary Hub meetings in the Thames Valley can be read here

You might find them useful to see how we organise the meetings and what we discuss.

I hope your first meeting goes well.

Best wishes

Sue Cave

Brighton – Sept. 2014

Our first meeting this term went well- and actually rather a lot of interest from Secondary colleagues too re what's happening in primary, so the dual focus here between KS2/3 is very useful.

Main feedback from our teachers attending is really about general lack of CPD, difficulty in getting out of schools, and a heartening desire to support each other.

There was also a consensus about how much better it is for enhancing and promoting pupil learning when teaching staff support the language learning of pupils rather than use any outreach/specialist teaching for PPA cover instead.


Southampton Sept 2014

We had our first hub meeting yesterday and it was really successful with just under 25 teachers participating.

I feel really grateful to have the free use of the primary school we meet in and there was a marvellous atmosphere. However, at our next meeting I shall be mentioning an optional donation for refreshments .... and I feel strongly that refreshments are vital for busy and tired teachers, some coming quite a distance to get to the hub. But NOT 'borrowing' from the staffroom supplies. Hubs which meet in schools/universities able to provide these refreshments are very fortunate and are probably in the majority but at the moment there will be some hubs where the tea and coffee is an 'issue'.

It was great to meet such lovely teachers and they all couldn't wait for the next meeting and will certainly be visiting the ALL website.


Magali Sept 2014
We had about 15 representatives from local schools at our second meeting, which is a healthy number given that other MFL primary hubs exist in the area. Many thanks to you and your team for the Roadshow Powerpoint Steven - such a good starting to help plan for transition issues.

Following our meeting two weeks ago, the main concern voiced by MFL coordinators is the lack of confidence (and lack of time to prepare MFL lessons thoroughly) that non-language specialists thrown in at the deep end are experiencing.


The North London hub Sept 2014

has had 2 meetings with a really good response from teachers, especially from Haringey and Enfield.

I agree that it is very hard for primary teachers new to teaching languages to find the time and confidence to plan out lessons thoroughly.

That is why we have put on to a free website Schemes of Work with lesson plans for each lesson in years 3 – 6. The Spanish one is the most thorough as we are amending that and developing it all the time but there are SoW for French, German and Turkish too. It is not the most flashy or posh website but does contain a lot of good stuff. (not to be confused with bbclanguages!)

As I worked for Enfield, which was a Primary Pathfinder borough and we received government money to develop resources, planning etc I felt that it was only right to share these with people.

Our year 3 and 4 plans in Spanish are the most up to date and complete and we are still working on developing 5 and 6 but what is there is good. It was developed by primary practitioners through trial and error over a period of years.


Sunderland Sept 2014

My next Hub meeting is next Wednesday 8th. We are looking at speaking and pronunciation, in particular upskilling for teachers. If you have any good links or resources that you think people would like, they would be very gratefully received!

Rachel Hawkes delivered a great speaking and phonics session for Brighton and Hove PL yesterday - her materials are at rachelhawkes.comor can be taken directly from my blog athttp://sdvaughan.edublogs.orgif it's easier. Feel free to have a look and see if they are useful for sharing, my delegates certainly appreciated them. There is also a Prezi on reading development and a writing pres from a colleague if people want to access them.


Thames Valley Sept 2014

if someone can’t make a particular meeting one week, it would good if they could easily see where a meeting another week is taking place at another local venue. Reading hub and Thames Valley hub have coordinated meetings so that one is in the first half of each term and one in the second half and the content of our meetings is not the same focus.

The Wiki would also be a good place to collate information about schemes of work. A scheme of work over 4 years which meets the requirements of the new Programme of Study and is very supportive for non-specialists is what everyone seems to want. Does it exist?

Also a central place for training courses would be equally useful. The Wiki again would be good for this.

Try the Buckinghamsire SOW and resources. Free and substantially resourced. Written by teachers with non-specialists in mind.