Nathalie Paris has grouped togerher useful documents on her blog :

The complete Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is here:

The MFL Expert Advisory Group previously convened by DfE has published a report concerning Assessment in Languages (May 2015) which can be downloaded from here

Janet Lloyd has reflected on this document in her blogpost:

Janet says:
I have shared the assessment document already with colleagues and the reaction is very positive. I found Appendix B and C particularly useful and put the document in the context of DFE PoS Learning Outcomes, s and linked across to KS2 Framework plus then looked at how progression via CEFR levels could help us build a clear conduit into KS3 etc.
Colleagues may be wary of the phrase " secondary ready" and clarity is needed that we are building a learning continuum from Y3 upwards ( with possible earlier KS1 development of language learning) .

The ALL Primary Languages Steering Group is planning to do some exemplification work around this document in the coming months to try to clarify some issues.

Janet's further thinking (June 2015)

ALL Past President Rachel Hawkes has posted her work (Spring 2015) on assessment for KS2 and KS3 on her blog:

This is a link to the Assessment resources devised by our TSA currently being trailed as a starting point to try and provide continuity in assessment and transition information. All documents are there to download and should be explanatory but you can contact me for more info if you need.
Sara Vaughan @sdlasvegas

Teacher Monitoring Sheet
I've created a teacher monitoring sheet to track progress in KS2 over 4 years using the differentiated stages of the attainment targets which I posted earlier in the year under New Programme of Study.
Please feel free to use it and adapt it as you feel fit. If you do use it, it would be good to have some feedback.
The idea is that the list of names of a class are entered at the start of the first year of language learning and at the end of each year, the teacher indicates, by shading in the appropriate box, which stage has been met.
Sue Cave

NB This work has now been updated and can be found at