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Rules of the game

Please remember that this wiki has been set up to enable education professionals involved in primary languages to support each other and share resources and information. It is not for publishers or other companies to advertise their products, neither is it for the spreading of spam messages or malicious links.

Please do not delete anything posted by another contributor.

The resources posted on this wiki are subject to a Creative Commons License. Under the terms of this license, you may copy, distribute, display or perform resources uploaded here only if you credit their author. You may only use the resources for non-commercial purposes (in other words don't sell them for profit).


How do I add my text to a page?

Click on EDIT at the top of the page. This will bring up the button bar and you will be able to add your text. Don't forget to click on SAVE afterwards!

How do I add a hyperlink (a link to another website)?

Highlight the text that you would like to appear in the link. Click on the LINK button and then select WEB ADDRESS. Tick NEW WINDOW and then paste your web address into the ADDRESS box. Click on APPLY LINK to save the link.