Do you want to find a link with a school in another country? Then you need eTwinning (in Europe) or Schools Online (for the world)! Bringing an international dimension into the classroom has never been easier...

eTwinning eTwinning is funded by the European Commission and is free for teachers to register and use. There are currently 39 countries included in eTwinning, and over 250,000 teachers registered (2014). You can easily search for a partner school and then work on a project together using the eTwinning portal and a free, password-protected 'Twinspace' which is provided for the project. To get started, register at:
It is ideal for foreign language learning but also for cross-curricular work and for individual subject areas. Using eTwinning makes it easy to include IT within a project. Pupils find it very motivating to work with their peers in another country. It is also a great way for teachers to work with colleagues around Europe, sharing ideas and practices.

There is lots of free support and help available with regional workshops and online webinars being held regularly. There is also a network of eTwinning Ambassadors in the UK who are happy to help teachers get started with eTwinning, including giving workshops and school visits. There is lots of information on the eTwinning webpage: and on Twitter @eTwinninguk

Erasmus+ funding
The British Council will also help available in accessing EU funding via Erasmus+ grants ( which facilitate travel for teachers' job-shadowing visits; and also provide funding for pupil and teacher mobilities.

British Council Schools Online
Register with Schools Online to find a partner school anywhere in the world – with 180 countries taking part. Again, there is lots of help available to get started, both on the webpage and from the British Council:
Diana Linford
Primary School Teacher and British Council Schools Ambassador


Free resources are available from:

These include little 'Passports to the European Union' which give information about each country in the EU together with flag and Euro stickers; maps of Europe; 'Let's explore Europe' book; and various other publications for use in the classroom.
Diana Linford